Sensory Deprivation

Float pods are designed to offer a profound calmness, shutting out all external stimuli. Your mind is given a break from receiving information, allowing time to rest so it can provide your body the time it needs to heal.
Reduces Stress

When we take the time to relax we activate our parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to rest and digest

Heightens Concentration

Our senses are heightened while in the tank, taking us to our fullest potential

Improves Sleep

While floating, our body naturally produces melatonin, the sleepy hormone, therefore our bodies can relax as if we’re sleeping

Expands Creativity

When stress isn’t taking over our brains, the creative & decision making abilities take over

Epsom Salt

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) absorb through our skin, drawing toxins from the body, relaxes the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, & acts as a natural moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling great!
Expels Toxins

Our skin acts as an adsorbent for minerals triggering reverse osmosis, drawing toxins from our bodies

Softens Skin & Hair

A natural emollient, epsom salts act as moisturizer and natural exfoliant

Absorbs Nutrients

Sulfate encourages production of digestive enzymes, helping with the digestion of protein, carbs/sugars, and fats

Insulin Regulation

Magnesium helps regulate glucose in our bodies as it works with our metabolism


The high concentration of Epsom salt creates a zero gravity environment where you float effortlessly. Your body is able to decompress, allowing it to release back to it’s natural state
Improves Circulation

Decompression of the muscles and organs allows your blood to flow easily, reducing blood pressure

Strengthens Immunity

When your blood is flowing freely, your immune system improves to better defend you against infection and illness

Reduces Pain

Eliminates pressure from gravity, giving your muscles, joints and nerves a release and allowing them to recover

Athletic Advantage

Recovery time is reduced, and mental stamina improved. Your body is able to relax and heal itself quicker

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