Can I drown if I fall asleep while floating?

Float Pods are incredibly safe, it’s nearly impossible to drown in a Float tank. There is only about 10 inches of water, not to mention the extreme density from the salt, you instantly pop back up to the top. If you were to turn onto your stomach (very hard to do), the intense level of salt would sting your eyes and taste awful, instantly waking you up. So don’t worry about letting go and relaxing or even sleeping, you’re incredibly safe!

How is the water cleaned?

The water solution in the tanks might be some of the cleanest you’ve ever encountered. Between each guest, it would be impossible to drain the pods, which is where the compact design of the pod is ingenious. Follow the cleaning steps below to understand the process to ensure our pods are pristine:

  1. There is 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts in the water, bio chemically making it an inhospitable environment for potential pathogens & bacteria.
  2. Between each guest, the powerful jet pumps the water at least 3-5 times through Ultraviolet radiation, destroying microorganisms & pathogens by eliminating their genetic core (DNA). There is also Ozone being pumped through the pod, disinfecting and purifying the water & air
  3. Each day we add more salt and designated chemical, in very small quantities, including hydrogen peroxide which works as an oxidizer, removing organic material, helping the UV filtration as a STRONG sanitizer. To learn more, just ask one of our staff!
  4. Physical cleaning each day and between each guest, keeps our pods not only looking great, but completely clear of any impurities.

What do I need to bring?

Zero expectations and a willingness to relax!  We provide towels, shower essentials, and a few personal products to get ready after, including makeup remover & spray deodorant. Anything else you love to use, might be a good idea to bring along.

What is the cancellation or missed appointment policy?

Cancellations are expected within 24 hours of your appointment time in order for us to staff our float spa appropriately to meet your needs.

Late cancellations may be subject to at least 50% of your scheduled appointment value.

No shows may be subject to 100% of your scheduled appointment value.

Thank you for doing your best to make your appointment.

How is floating different than my bath or spa at home?

The high density of salt is the reason you float and is incredibly beneficial for your body. There is 41% Epsom Salt in each tank, which in turn multiplies the benefits exponentially! See benefits for more information.

What if my body doesn’t float?

Not possible, this isn’t your normal pool or bath water. There is 1000 pounds of salt, making the water incredibly dense. To put it into perspective, there is 31% salt in the dead sea, and 41% salt content in our pods…oh yes…YOU’LL FLOAT!

I was feeling a little nauseous, is this normal?

Some people have experienced nausea in the tank, this could be from a couple reasons.  Hydration is key, if you haven’t had enough water, the reverse osmosis could make you dehydrated.  Coffee is another reason people will experience dehydration, we recommend waiting to drink your coffee or tea.  Lastly, don’t float on a full stomach, it’s only an hour 😉

What if I get the water solution in my ears?

Getting the water solution in your ears is perfectly safe, however for some, this could cause some irritation.  First thing we suggest is after your Float, rinse your ears.  If this didn’t take care of it, get some vinegar on a cotton swab, this will help dissolve the salt, follow this with a warm water rinse.

If the foam ear plugs just aren’t cutting it for you, let us know!  We have another kind that may work better for you!

Can I still float if I am pregnant?

While we recommend consulting with your doctor, floating while pregnant is perfectly safe, and incredibly therapeutic, during your second and third trimesters. In fact we highly suggest anyone experiencing physical or even mental ailments while pregnant to give it a try! There has even been reports of you hearing the baby’s heartbeat in the silence.=

I’m claustrophobic…do I need to close the lid?

That is your own choice! The room is yours to experience your float, your way!

Do I wear a bathing suit?

We recommend NOT wearing a bathing suit, there really isn’t a reason to! With the idea of the pod being sensory deprivation, the feeling of the suit would take you away from the “nothingness”. On top of that, the room is all yours, no reason to be bashful.

Can I still float if I have my period?

Not an issue if you use a tampon or menstrual cup.

Can I float if I am sick?

Probably best to cancel your appointment and book again when you’re on the mend, assisting in you feeling back to yourself!  Let’s keep staff and other guests safe from any illness in our healing environment.

I just cut myself…can I still float?

If it’s a large injury and you are still actively bleeding, the simple answer is NO.  If it’s on the mend or a small cut, we can provide you with petroleum jelly to cover the sore, keeping it from stinging or opening back up into the water.

Why do my sensitive areas sting?

Some of us are just more sensitive than others, it’s completely normal!  Depending on hormone balance, when we shaved/waxed, PH levels, little cuts & many more factors some people just experience a little stinging.  Know that it’s nothing concerning unless it doesn’t go away.  If you experience the stinging your entire Float, this may be something you want to discuss with your doctor to ensure there isn’t anything medically affecting your experience.

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